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Translating Risk into your language

Download Risk or higher, Start the SwingGUI, and go to the Translation Tab, Press the "Load" button.

Then all you need to do is open the file, the select your language from the language option menu.
and edit the messages in the bottom of the windows for your language.
then when you are done, send me the file called (where xx is your language).
To translate maps and cards open and
the, and can be downloaded from here.

Languages I have: Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Catalan, Finnish, Serbian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Portugal), Galician, Polish, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Latvian, Greek, Danish and Turkish.
Languages in progress: none that i know of.
Languages I need: anything thats not on the list above.

If you're done with it, please send it to us, so that we can integrate it into the normal Risk releases! (

translation files

Manual way of editing the properties files

As Risk comes by default in English language only, it may be hard to understand by non-english speaking people.

However, it's an open source project and you are very welcome to translate it into your mother tongue - or any other language you speak (or write) well. This helps non-english people to have a better game experience and thus a better time playing Risk.

Translation is very easy: You just have to translate a simple text file of the following form:

mainmenu.newgame=New Game
mainmenu.startserver=Start Server

the translated german version would look like

mainmenu.newgame=Neues Spiel
mainmenu.startserver=Server starten

Easy, isn't it?

To translate Risk into your language, just get the sources and make a copy of the file translation/ and rename it to Risk_<language code>.properties (Replace <language code> with the 2-digit code of your language, e.g. "en" for english, "de" for german or "fr" for french).

Now just open the new file in your favorite text editor and translate the strings in there.

Additional to the there is a file called which contains the translation of continent and country names, which can be translated as well.

Translating maps

Standard maps (whole world) are translated via the file. It it possible to translate single maps without using the DefaultMaps file.

Just create a new file in the maps/ folder, called <map name>_<language code>.properties. For example, the german translation file for the map file would be called


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