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Domination Installer 6.5MB Mac Linux BSD Solaris (Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard+, Linux, Unix or any other OS that runs Java 1.5+)
Domination exe Installer for Windows 6.9MB Windows (Java 1.5+, windows VISTA or 7 users MUST get this, or get a better OS)
Domination game zip file 5.7MB (pre 10.5 Mac OS and any other OS that runs Java 1.4+)

ALL downloads of Domination include the game, manual and source!

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Download Notes:
This game requires java 1.4 or higher, please download it from Here.
If anyone has any other problems with downloading can they please e-mail me as soon as possible (
If someone does not know how to play the game and cant understand the manual included with the game then have a look at this.

If you find any bugs that are not in the todo.txt please put them on the bug track thing here (don't forget to leave some contact details!!), or e-mail me. Please quote what version of the game you found the bug in!

Anonymous Subversion

Run the following commands in a directory that you have write access to (such as your home directory):

Desktop (J2SE) Domination

svn co

please use Netbeans/Ant to build the project

Browse Subversion Repository

Android Domination

svn co
svn co
svn co
svn co
svn co

please use Android Studio/Gradle to build the project

Other projects used by Domination

The Lobby Project

svn co Lobby

Browse Subversion Repository

Translation Tool

svn co

Browse Subversion Repository


svn co

Browse Subversion Repository


Change Log svn


Screen Shots

Android App on Google Play

Android App on Amazon AppStore

FlashGUI Web Start
Launches Flash GUI Domination

SwingGUI Web Start
Launches Swing GUI Domination

Flash Applet
Swing Applet

Make Maps
Extra Maps
Make Translation
Make AI

Bug Tracker todo
Discussion Comments

Domination Project Page on SourceForge

Domination Project Page on Freshmeat R

Lobby Web Site on SourceForge

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